Duke Flyers Annual FLY-IN

The 2023 DFA Fly-In will be held September 21st - 24th in Abilene, TX (KABI).

  • Dowload the 2023 Fly-In Registration Form
  • The Duke Flyers Association website

    A place to exchange information about owning, operating, maintaining, and flying the Beechcraft Duke. For questions regarding membership please contact signup@dukeflyers.org or to join go to our Membership Page. For questions regarding the website or message board please contact boardmaster@dukeflyers.org.

    • Benefits of Membership
    • Very Active Bulletin Board/Pilot Forum
    • Regular Newsletter with Tips and News
    • Contact with Fellow Duke owners, pilots, and mechanics
    • DFA maintains a stock of some hard-to-find parts
    • A Commerce page for buying and selling of Duke items