The Duke Flyers Association website

A place to exchange information about owning, operating, maintaining, and flying the Beechcraft Duke. For questions regarding membership please contact or to join go to our Membership Page. For questions regarding the website or message board please contact

  • Benefits of Membership
  • Very Active Bulletin Board/Pilot Forum
  • Regular Newsletter with Tips and News
  • Contact with Fellow Duke owners, pilots, and mechanics
  • DFA maintains a stock of some hard-to-find parts
  • A Commerce page for buying and selling of Duke items

New Members need to register to use this site

Once you are a member of the Duke Flyers Association, you will need to register to use the forum and commerce pages of this website. Are you a member but not yet Registered? Click here to register now. The forum is a place to post questions for your fellow members to respond to. It is also a place to discuss the airplane, get advice, give advice and just generally communicate with fellow DFA members. We welcome your participation in the forums.

Once registered you can also use the "commerce" page to post Duke related items for sale and look for things you need (or want).